Natural Reusable Food Packaging

    Pack Zero Waste   


 100% Natural      0% plastic      100% Washable 

Apifilm® is made of

certified organic cotton fabric

coated with pesticide-free beeswax,

organic pine resin from France and organic sunflower oil.

A simple, natural composition, suitable for food contact, compostable at the end of life.

Apifilm emballe ton goûter

 Zero Waste goal 

To avoid aluminum and single use plastic foil, most of the time not recycled.

We now pack naturally and durably:

  • Container cover for refrigerator,
  • Second skin for food, dried products, fruits, vegetables ...
  • Sandwich wrapping for picnic... children’s snack... the apple gone
  • Longer shelf life as food breathes in natural

Food contact

All ingredients are suitable for food contact. White cotton fabric is raw and not bleached.

Currently not finding a suitable textile dye for food contact, we prefer to leave it natural, beeswax color and pine resin.

Apifilm sur plat a gratin

Apifilm lavage a l'eau


Washable with cold water and soap if necessary. Let it dry and reuse more than one year.

And the end just light it like a candle. It disappears without waste.

Caution, fear heat (+40°C), not suitable for oven, microwave or hot food. Do not wash in washing machine or dishwasher and warn the nanny not to throw it in the bin !

Not suitable for packing raw meat and fish.

100% Made in France & Eco-Social

Materials sourced in France : sunflower oil and pine resin from Les Landes, a sustainably managed forest, both from organic agriculture.

The coating is made in France in partnership with .

The cutting and packaging are done by hand at the workshop. We employ disabled workers and social workers.

Because local production and the social dimension are important values for the Workshop.

Apifilm atelier

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Back to basics, natural waxes and fabric, to replace plastic...  and we are proud to announce that Apifilm® is a winner of the Enterprise and Environment Award "circular economy" 2019 issued by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition and the Ademe and the Grand Prix SIRHA Innovation 2019 special GREEN mention.

Prix entreprise en environnement Apifilm Ministere - Ademe 2019

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