My background

Trained as an agricultural engineer at ENSA Toulouse, specialized in waste treatment, I grow up with the idea that reducing waste at the source will be the key... the Zero Waste movement will provide us with the solution through media coverage.

Since my environmental studies, I have evolved to a healthy lifestyle, eat organic, favor short circuits, support our vegetable garden in the neighboring village, make local and organic food in the school canteen for our children, buy French, not to waste. Home-made cosmetics or eco-friendly. Reject toxics and chemical, endocrine disrupters, plastic.

The zero waste movement is coming, we’re talking about it. But in fact it’s been more than 10 years since I started, recycling and diverting objects, diapers washable since my first daughter in 2009, sponge washcloths, 10 years of ash washing it is celebrated! During a discussion between friends in 2016, I discover the fabric coated with beeswax, I have everything at hand, my first wax packaging made, friends ask me. Apifilm® was born.

A beautiful encounter as we love them...

In the winter of 2018, I integrate the Landes pine resin to make the Apifilm® more flexible and more durable. The demand is there. Convinced that it must be discovered to the greatest number, I go in search of the machine that will be able to produce it in quantity.

 The focus is there, the Apifilm is made in France on a large scale.


The team expands around the Apifilm®

In addition to Delphine in coordination, we now have a real team cutting, folding and shipping, assisted by several social-workers.

The innovation

Back to basics, natural waxes and fabric, to replace plastic... and we are proud to announce that Apifilm® is the winner of the SIRHA Innovation Grand Prize 2019 special GREEN mention.
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